There has been no greater scrutinized political family in recent times than that of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Whatever side of the fence you perch on, and however fair or unjust you may view the scrutiny to be; there is no denying the level of investigation that has been undertaken into their public, and at oft times, private dealings.

Now, whether losing the election was a fair ending to the consistent stream of scandals that engulfed Hillary Clinton throughout this cycle, or even still, should she be indicted or pardoned by the incoming President Donald Trump, in reality, becomes irrelevant with the new direction being taken by the Democrat Party in the United States.

Rather what is important, is what becomes of all the surrogates, who directly benefited from their relationship with the Clinton political machine.

They are littered throughout the political construct in America, like orphaned dogs without a home. The republican juggernaut spearheaded now by Donald Trump, has taken control of all three branches of government, and 31 of the 50 gubernatorial posts.

Within the story of the 19 Democrats who remain in those posts, comes the tale of one of the most fervent Clinton supporters of the last thirty years; the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

When you hear the name Terry McAuliffe, you may remember one of the key scandals that broke during the course of the election this year. It involved Governor McAuliffe being accused of impropriety for raising over $650,000 dollars for the political campaign of Dr Jill McCabe, who surreptitiously happened to be the wife of the FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe. The same Andrew McCabe who in turn assumed a supervisory role into the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

But what you may not be aware of, is the true extent of the relationship between the political scion and her gubernatorial ally. Governor McAuliffe has been a key part of the fundraising arm of the Clinton political dynasty for the better part of three decades.

No matter from which side, or which way you look at it, the facts are irrefutable.

Whether it be the at the time unprecedented $275 million dollars he raised for the presidential campaign of the now only Clinton president, Bill; to ensuring the financial security of the Clinton family after they left office, by securing the $1.3 million dollar mortgage on their Chappaqua, New York home.

If these were the only ways the web had been spun, it would still be relatively significant considering the circumstances this year. But the reality of the interconnection, and its resulting effects are far more wide reaching.

Unless you passionately follow American politics, what you may not know is just how heavily dependent Democrats have been on his fundraising abilities over the last 30 years.

Governor McAuliffe has long operated as the conduit between not only the Clinton family and cash, but also their fellow Democrat acolytes. Back in 2000, he was lauded for his extraordinary efforts in fundraising, most notably by then Vice-President, and now quasi-environmental activist, Al Gore, who called him the “greatest fundraiser in the history of the universe”.

But even before all this, McAuliffe had been raising funds for the Clinton machine. Back in 1994 he was tapped by Bill Clinton to spearhead his 1996 reelection campaign. In fact, some of the most persistent scandals involving financing during the Clinton administration, the renting out of the Lincoln bedroom, the six-figure access to Bill and Hillary for favors to corporate executives, all of the things synonymous with the Clintons; were driven at the behest of the king of the political Democrat dollar, Terry McAuliffe.

Now, during the period between 2001-2005, Terry McAuliffe was the Chairman of the DNC. Yes, the same DNC that this year unequivocally rigged the primaries to suppress the vote of social progressive Bernie Sanders.

So, while there, Gov. McAuliffe and his network of donors and fundraisers managed to extract the organisation from its crippling debt, and turning the once fledgling organisation into a political powerhouse.

Interestingly, just before his tenure there ended in 2005, and in what should have served as a precursor for things to come, Terry McAuliffe authorised the largest ever contribution by the DNC to a non-presidential candidate, a cool $5 million dollars, to the campaign of a struggling gubernatorial candidate in a southern state of the United States.

That candidate was Tim Kaine, of Virginia.

Who not only went on to win that election and serve as Governor of the state from 2006 to 2010, but just so happened to become the running mate of Hillary Clinton in this years Presidential race. And the very same state in which Terry McAuliffe managed to defeat far-right, Ted Cruz surrogate Ken Cuccinelli, to become Governor in 2013.

So as it stands today, the Commonwealth of Virginia is led by a man who ascended to his position through his ability to generate money for political elites, and his long and mutually beneficial love story with the Clintons.

Looking at today, the incoming Donald Trump administration has made their stance clear. The demolition of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be the first order of business. Whether that is as a result of President Trump keeping campaign promises, or the likelihood of little opposition from progressively aligned Democrats in the Senate, becomes irrelevant.

What is important here is the fact that Governor McAuliffe was banking on a Hillary Clinton presidency, and in turn, creating the conditions for a global trade market that would allow those in the United States to perceivably benefit. Even when Hillary Clinton announced during her run that she would no longer support the TPP, Gov. McAuliffe made public statements to the contrary, saying Ms Clinton would flip-flop again on her stance.

So this week, Gov. McAuliffe was in Sydney, as part of a worldwide global trade mission to further the efforts of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP).

I took the opportunity to ask the Governor, why he chose to focus on global trade, when the political tides are clearly shifting to a focus on domestic spending and infrastructure, due to the likely fall of the TPP. Here is a transcript of some of his response:

“….listen I trusted President Obama, I sided with President Obama, this was his trade package…and…I spent hours with the Administration on this. He told me under workers rights issues it was covered, under environmental issues it was covered. I trusted the President…and…I didn’t read the whole TPP document…but…it…it…trade got blamed for all the ills of the economy.”

Championing a cause, without conducting due diligence is dangerous. But subsequently investing millions into pursuing trade deals that are going to be met with severe barriers to trade is close to lunacy.

But that is what has occurred. Farmers in Virginia, even if they wanted to participate in the markets Gov. McAuliffe visited, would be met with tariffs of up to 700% on their goods. The overwhelming reality is one which needs to be met, rather than clinging to an ideological doctrine that was comprehensively rejected by the American public in this electoral cycle.

The days of cronyism, corruption and capital fundraising will never truly be at an end in the United States.

Regardless of any promises made by President Trump, there will never be a “draining of the swamp”, because as long as there are those who can raise ridiculous amounts of money for politicians, the system will remain as it is, regardless of any lip service paid otherwise.

Terry McAuliffe is in bed with the Clintons. This is as certain as the sun in the sky. But, what is of more pertinent concern should be that this man, as soon as his gubernatorial term is up, is already looking to be one of the front-runners for the Democrat Party nomination in 2020.

For a party who is actively seeking change after being so resoundingly defeated in the presidential election, for a country that so vehemently opposed the politics of power, for any of us who believe in truth in representation, know this. Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton by any other name.

They say Virginia is for lovers. But rest assured, Governor McAuliffe is in love with the Clintons.