The presidential race is over.

Donald John Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, at noon, on January the 20th, 2017.

Since his victory earlier this month, there have been a myriad of ways in which people have taken the news. From jubilant scenes in middle America, to rioting and protests in the coastal, liberal hubs; the United States we are told is divided and in apparent turmoil with a lot of the blame focused squarely on the new president-elect.

The harsh reality that you need to accept is, it is not his fault.

Now, for the better part of a year and a half, I had been fervently telling all and sundry that Donald Trump was going to win this election. This was not due to any alignment with his political ideology, but rather the clear understanding that you can’t fight the numbers.

But many within the media jumped into the breach throughout the whole race, and engaged in what can only be described as the most concerted coalescence around a candidate that politics in America has ever seen.

Hillary Clinton was the clear choice of the liberal media elite.

The reasons why this was the case, are of course, dependent on how you choose to view the situation.

You could prescribe to the theory that there was an accord between key media influencers and the Clinton campaign, who set the tone and agenda, which then resulted in a trickle-down terror media blitz directed at Donald Trump. With those who financed the campaign of former Secretary Clinton, also key financial contributors of, or owners of, those same media outlets. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is what indeed took place.

Or, maybe you prescribe to a more nuanced view. Accepting that there were a significant portion of the media who were steadfastly against the idea of a President Trump, but this was simply due to the fact that many within the media cohort are left-leaning, and as such, their own individual ideologies did not align with the brand of populist nationalism that he was peddling.

Or maybe still, you are one of the people who exist within the echo chamber, and staunchly deny any form of misinformation and collusion, and rather, buy into the co-ordinated hype that has been manufactured by the media, in order to create further schisms in the political landscape, and thus, wield ever increasing power over the societal narrative.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, you should know that there is no need to be in a camp in the first place. This idea that we are all bound by some narrow political doctrine, to the exclusion of all others, is downright lunacy.

Before you become triggered and enraged by some perceived attack on liberals, which if you have made it this far is understandable, the right side of the aisle is just as complicit in all this.

The constant attempts at indoctrination, fear peddling, the separation of logic and reason from any presented argument, is what has led not only the United States, but the rest of the world into the situation we all find ourselves in today.

Not only that, but the lazy brand of political engagement that sees itself manifested in facebook posts, twitter shares and only consuming media that agrees with however you feel about a certain topic, serves no purpose other than forwarding the agenda of those who have carefully crafted the message.

So after the election, the far right have attempted to claim the victory, citing the silent majority, and using it as a basis for furthering their own tainted viewpoint. But let’s get real here, there is nothing far right about Donald Trump being elected.

For all the huster and bluster, for all the wrongs perpetrated by the media on either side of the fence throughout the election and even now, the fact of the matter is this. Moderates put Donald Trump in the White House.

Now whether it was because he promised to bring back jobs, championed a hardline stance on immigration, or even his unwavering belief that he makes the best deals, whatever the motivations were; it was the moderate, independent vote that put him over the line in the election.

Just look at both sides now, the left is champing at the bit to say that Donald Trump is Hitler re-incarnate.

Which not only trivialises the suffering inflicted on millions of Jewish people, but continues to forward the nonsensical idea that Trump is #NotMyPresident. Causing further violence, unrest and division. Hate to break it to you, but he most certainly is.

And then there are those in the right-wing media apparatus, wringing their hands in glee, and jumping on the opportunity to slam the liberals, and scream that they have a mandate henceforth to completely disregard an entire swathe of the populace, and in their terms, take back America. Again, that just is not the case.

What America, or even still what the world needs now, is for every rational, logical, and open-minded moderate to find their voice. The real silent majority needs to be awakened, and not swayed by some orchestrated societal conditioning by either side, and to wield the power they have had all along.

The vocal far-sided minorities, be it left or right, have infiltrated the media, politics, and all levels of power, and taken control of the narrative for their own purposes. Shouting wildly and using buzzwords like sexism, racism, bigotry, and whatever else, and forgetting that what truly matters is unification, and not division. Acceptance, not exclusion.

So no, Donald Trump is not to blame for the tumultuous and somewhat violent response to his election. Nor is he to blame for the divisions that have, and continue to manifest themselves within the public domain. It is us, the public, who allow ourselves to be ideologically bought and sold by an ever manipulating media. It’s time to reshape our own narrative, and take back our voice.

It’s not Trump, its us.

Will Koulouris – @willkoulouris

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